8.75 Million Jobs Lost

We are in the greatest economic disaster since the great depression. For some industries, like housing, it is worse!

Job growth is improving, but matching 2007 employment is still years away. By 2013, only half of the 8.75 million jobs lost since then will have been filled. Meanwhile, a record 43% of the 13 million unemployed haven’t earned a paycheck in at least six months, and about 8 million part-timers can’t find full time work.

-Kiplinger Letter – Jan 6, 2012

Hope And Change Fails

“The number of American’s living in poverty rose to 46.2 million last year…the highest since 1983…” – BBC News – 13 Sep 2011

The poverty rate for 2010 was at 15.1%. That’s up from 14.3% in 2009. The rates among black and Hispanic people was 27.4% and 26.6% respectively, according to the US Census Bureau’s annual report. The number of people without health insurance has increased by nearly one million people. Obama has failed us all and he has failed the minority population incredibly. The hope has evaporated and this change must stop.

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