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I thank God for Binyamin Netanyahu. One of the few real leaders left in this world. He is a man willing to stand up for what he believes in and take the truth to the world.

Obama’s Smoke and Mirrors

How’s your health care working out? Funny, isn’t it? That should be enough to tell you that you cannot trust Barack Obama. Just like the new US health care program, you can rest assured that any “freeze on weapons” program initiated by this incompetent administration will be so loaded with worthless verbiage that it will take years for this countries legal experts to figure out what is means. That will give Iran just what they want, time! This administration is already too late in stopping the Iranian nuclear effort. They’ve had years and what have they achieved? Nothing!

Israel Will Protect Us

Netanyahu is well aware of the happenings in Iran. And before Iran is able to complete the building of it’s first nuclear weapon, I trust that he will take the action necessary to stop it. Our spineless president will not. Netanyahu’s trip to the US to speak to congress will serve as an irrevocable piece of history that this administration and it’s supporters were warned that there is a major problem in Iran. And history will show that they have turned a blind eye on it.

Obama’s Lack Of Talents

The lack of experience of our president just astounds me. This man has never truly worked. He is totally overwhelmed. And with his middle name of “Hussein” my suspicion grows. It is a Muslim name meaning “handsome” or “beautiful.” His appearance is all that got this man elected. Relatively few people have truly investigated the real character and experience of this man.

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Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

“Hussein” is a Muslim name. –

White House Influences

Is our the White House influenced by Muslims? So thinks Rev. Franklin Graham, as he stated on Fox News.

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Obama’s Minister For Years

Jeremiah Wright was Barack Obama’s minister for many years. Look him up. Study his past. Approach your research from any direction. This man has had a major influence on our unqualified president.


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Muslim Connections

Hope and Change FrustrationABC news reports that the “Pew Poll Finds 1 in 5 Americans Wrongly Believe Barack Obama Is a Muslim”. My question is this. How does ABC know that this is “wrongly” believed. Click here for the ABC article and watch Obama struggle through a pre-election interview with George Stephanopoulos where he darts the question.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This year Obama did not observe the 21st annual National Day of Prayer.

President Obama has issued a National Day of Prayer proclamation but will not hold an interfaith observance at the White House, as President Bush did. The administration is appealing a ruling last month that the official day of prayer is unconstitutional. – Christian Science Monitor

But on September 25th, 2009 he attended a national day of prayer for the Muslim religion.

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