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State of the Union 2012

The Obama Lies Told

This administration is telling us lies. Just look at the job numbers. Every week they forge the numbers a little bit to make things look better then they truly are.

The Labor Department has now revised upward its first estimate of seasonally adjusted claims in 56 of the past 57 weeks, a Dow Jones analysis of claims reports found. Revisions to government data occur on a regular basis but it is uncommon for numbers to nearly always be restated in the same direction.

Wall Street Journal – 16 April 2012

When the “revisions” are made, it doesn’t make the press. So the public does not know the whole story.

Fewer Jobs

“The economy has 5.2 million fewer jobs now than it did four years ago, even as the population has grown.” – Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2012

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State of the Union 2012

Obama’s Leadership

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Barack Obama is not capable of leading a small business or a small organization. If you have doubts about that then simply look at Obama’s resume. This man has no experience leading people. That’s not exaggerated. It’s a simple fact.

He purchased his presidency by making promises to the poor he hasn’t kept. Now they have been devastated. He has purchased votes for the coming election by buying the auto manufacturers in Detroit and gaining full backing of the labor unions. How many times can the American public fall for this man’s lies?

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Do we really know what the unemployment rate is? Week after week the estimate made by the White House is getting revised upwards. The unemployment rate is worse then they say it is. The Obama administration is not telling us the truth.

They Don’t Know What An “Estimate” Is

When a true estimate is made on anything, the final results will are as likely to show the revision go up as they are likely to show the revision go down. With revisions made to Obama’s estimates, the revisions have shown a worse rate than the one estimated by the administration in 60 of the last 61 weeks. This is statistically impossible. Obama and his administration is lying to us every day.

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Guantánamo Bay and “Waterboarding” Led To The Capture of Osama Bin Laden.

Obama opposed both “Waterboarding” and the operation of Guantánamo Bay. But without these operations Osama Bin Laden would still be alive today.

One of the key sources for initial information about an al Qaeda “courier” who led U.S. authorities to bin Laden’s Pakistani hide-out was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the al Qaeda operative said to have masterminded the September 11, 2001 attacks, a former U.S. national security official said.

KSM, as he was known to U.S. officials, was subjected to “waterboarding” 183 times, the U.S. government has acknowledged.

Reuters – May 2, 2011

Just further proof of the poor judgement skills of President Obama.

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Obama the SaintWhat would the presidents of the past think of Barack Obama?

The president took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States of America.

Is he doing it?

Americans have got to do something!

How would the presidents of the past feel about the United States today?

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Hope and ChangePromises, promises…

Hope and Change

Barack Obama has definitely delivered on one of his campaign slogan promises. He’s delivered on the promise of change. What he has failed to deliver on is the promise of hope. Where’s the hope for jobs, the hope for the economy, the hope for the American worker?

He boasted of his abilities to lead with statements like: “In twenty years of public service I have brought Democrats and Republicans together to solve the problems that touch the lives of everyday people.” But today we find ourselves asking where is this great leadership ability.

2008 Campaign Ad:

Changes so far…

It is now 2010. What changes has Barack Obama made so far? How are they impacting you?

One mission of this blog is to generate some much needed hope. We hope you will contribute!

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“Obama The Great?”

Barack Obama - Home and ChangeThat’s the headline of the Wall Street Journal article that questions the Siena College poll of 238 “presidential scholars.”

Barack Obama had barely settled in office when he won a Nobel Peace Prize. Though he’s been in the job fewer than 18 months, liberal scholars are already rating him one of our better presidents, finishing ahead of even Ronald Reagan on 20 attributes ranging from legislative accomplishments to integrity. – WSJ

The liberals were snowed by Obama’s Hope and Change promises from the start. And many have yet to wake up.When a poll is given to a group with more balanced ideologue the answers are very different.

The Journal’s survey polled an ideologically balanced group of 85 historians, political scientists, law professors and economists, whose range of political views was similar to that of Americans as a whole. The results? Three presidents were ranked as “great”: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. Eight presidents were ranked “near great,” including Ronald Reagan, who finished eighth. John F. Kennedy was ranked 18th and Lyndon Johnson was ranked 17th, and those were the only high points for recent presidents.

Obviously, the 2005 Journal survey didn’t rate Mr. Obama. But given the direction of the economy since he took office, a conspicuous absence of foreign policy successes and his falling public approval ratings, it’s doubtful that his preliminary grade among Journal scholars would be nearly as high as the respondents in the Siena poll. – WSJ

The majority of the United States population is beginning to wake up. Quality of life is improving for very few people as a lot of promises are failing to be met.

2008 Campaign Ad:

“In twenty years of public service I have brought Democrats and Republicans together to solve the problems that touch the lives of everyday people. I’ve taken on the drug and insurance companies and won! I defy the politics of the moment and opposed the war in Iraq before it began.”

Changes so far…

It is now 2010. What changes has Barack Obama made so far? How are they impacting you?

One mission of this blog is to generate some much needed hope. We hope you will contribute!

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What if?

Imagine someone had come to you in the spring of 2008 and told you we would be where we are today. You would not have believed such a transformation could occur. In less than 18 months we have added $2 Trillion to our national debt. Our economy is in it’s worst period since the Great Depression. Our political leaders are contemplating granting amnesty to illegal aliens. And a bill has passed to nationalize the health care system. But it will not be implemented until Obama has left office.

If someone had told you this is where we would be, you would have laughed. Well, here we are.

Obama’s Trip To Buffalo

Obama gives himself credit for saving us from another great depression. You can see it in the video below. He is too short sited to see that our economy didn’t start it’s free fall until he came on the scene in the political arena. The investors in our country saw a man on the way in early 2008. A man who was making promises that couldn’t be kept. Fear caused them to pull there assets our of the US economy. They took their money to China and India. Our stock market plummeted and employers started laying off workers.

President Obama complains about being left with a $1.3 Trillion deficit. But he has added more that $2 Trillion to the deficit in less than 18 months. Where will this be by the time he is thrown out of office in 2012?

Obama talks about keeping the American dream alive, but he is doing nothing to keep the American dream alive. Americans are more dependent on government than they ever have been. Our economy is growing again despite a President who has no experience in how the economy works. Why is it growing? It is growing because we are getting closer to his final days in power.

The Small Business Agenda

Obama tells us we are “on a course that is working”. He talks about the incentives and the loans small businesses are now able to get thanks to legislation he has signed. Factories, stores and other businesses have closed their doors as a result of Obama’s pre-election threats. He threatened higher taxes and he threatened tighter restrictions on businesses. As a result, large businesses with adequate assets took the route of caution. They stopped investing their money in growth. And this killed many small businesses.

Watch The Newly Clothed Emperor Praise Himself:

We ask you to connect us with businesses that are receiving the benefits Obama talks about. We can’t find them.

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Promises to the press

Barack Obama made promises to the press. Promises to be open and honest. The truth is beginning to make itself obvious. And now the liberal press is getting what it voted for, a president who will take away their power.


In case you didn’t see it:


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Or was Obama just telling “lies”?

 The promise of change has been fulfilled. But it didn’t bring with it any hope. This nation has changed significantly. It is in the worst economic condition it has been in since the great depression. What will history label this period? Are the bad times even over yet? Who do you know that has entered the work force with a full time job lately?

Things were bad in May of 2009 when Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, said “We are getting what we voted for.” (CNBC 7pm – “Meeting of the Minds: The Future of Capitalism”). Today things are even worse.

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