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A Lot Of Talk, Nothing To Show

 Obama’s State of the Union Address January 25, 2012:

“During the Great Depression, America built the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. After World War II, we connected our States with a system of highways. Democratic and Republican administrations invested in great projects that benefited everybody, from the workers who built them to the businesses that still use them today.”

– Has Obama ever proposed a comparable project?

“Let’s remember how we got here. Long before the recession, jobs and manufacturing began leaving our shores….we should support everyone who’s willing to work; and every risk-taker and entrepreneur who aspires to become the next Steve Jobs.”

– Is Obama not aware that Steve Jobs’ Apple Computer does it manufacturing in China?

This it solid proof that this man is totally out of touch with reality.

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Obama’s lack of understanding is beginning to stand out on the world stage. And Timonthy Geithner, the US Secretary of Treasury, is showing his lack of understanding and his lack of independence from the Oval Office.

In a recent decision, the federal reserve has decided to buy $75 billion worth of bonds through mid-2011.

No Understanding of World Economics

Obama’s lack of understanding world economics has made itself obvious in a statement made in Seoul, Korea at the G-20 meeting.

From everything I can see, this decision was not one designed to have an impact on the currency, on the dollar…It was designed to grow the economy.

A basic economics course in international economics at nearly any college or university in the US will teach you that a decision, such as the one to increase the money supply by $75 billion, will make a major impact across the world economy.

Click here to read the Wall Street Journal Article.

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Obama the SaintWhat would the presidents of the past think of Barack Obama?

The president took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States of America.

Is he doing it?

Americans have got to do something!

How would the presidents of the past feel about the United States today?

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Change For The Worse

The Obama administration has failed to bring hope and change for almost two years. In the fourth quarter of 2007 Obama was beginning to make his presence known. Talk of higher taxes and more regulations caused investors, home buyers and others to step back and take note.

A few months later a builder in Pinehurst had his $1 million spec home nearly complete and a couple very interested in it. They were taking their time making the important decision. After seeing Obama’s promises of higher taxes the couple elected to wait things out. “We think we’ll wait until we see what happens in this election before we make our decision.” After Obama was elected the builder had no prospects. “Things just dried up.”

GDP Below 2007 Levels

Our economy has still not recovered to the 2007 levels. GDP today is still below what it was in the fourth quarter of 2007 (-WSJ).

Of course the Obama administration puts the blame back on Bush. And they will continue to do so as long as the news is bad. But when you compare our economy with that of other developed countries some signs of responsibility begin to present themselves. Today there are 4.6% fewer people employed in the US then there were at the beginning of the recession. G-7 nations have lost 2.4% of their jobs. The OEDC lost 1.9%. Euro zone countries have only lost 1.7%. The UK is down only 0.6%. It’s hard to argue that the Obama administration is performing it’s economic duties well when compared to other developed nations.

Change On The Way?

We are approaching the 2010 elections and it appears that Obama is about to lose power. As things look promising for a head locked federal government for the 2011-2012 congressional term, confidence in our economy begins to grow. But there is still some caution.

Our economy thrives when risk takers take risks. New ideas create better products, more goods and more services. But risk takers will not take risks unless there is the chance for a reward. If the democrat party fails to retain either of both houses then risk takers will at least have a little assurance that things will not get worse concerning their tax burden. Let’s just hope their is enough encouragement to get the $2 trillion waiting in liquid assets back working again.

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Losing Hope

Hope and Change“Hope and Change” was Obama’s campaign slogan in the 2008 campaign. My question was this: “What did we want to change?” The only things I could get out of his messages was that he was going to take things away from people. Certain people were making too much money. He wanted to restrict and tax these people. And with that message he implied that those lower on the totem pole were somehow going to benefit.

Well, where are they now with the real unemployment rate above 16% (MSN Reports). Estimates range as high as 28% (Daily Finance Poll). During the Great Depression the unemployment rate reached 24.9% ( Will we look back on this period as a depression?

The Truth Is Coming Out

The public is finally catching on to who Barack Obama really is. A man with no experience running anything. It was unrealistic to believe that he could run the most powerful nation in the world.

Mr. Obama could protest that his swift and sudden fall from grace is no fault of his. He had been a blank slate, and the devotees had projected onto him their hopes and dreams. His victory had not been the triumph of policies he had enunciated in great detail. He had never run anything in his entire life. He had a scant public record, but oddly this worked to his advantage. – Fouad Ajami – Wall Street Journal – 9-11-2010

Obama is running out of time to pass on the blame. And the public is finally realizing that they are the only ones to blame for putting this man in office. Mr. Ahami concludes his WSJ article very appropriately:

There is a widespread sense of unstated embarrassment that a political majority, if only for a moment, fell for the promise of an untested redeemer—a belief alien to the temperament of this so practical and sober a nation. – WSJ

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James Carville is getting what he voted for.

James Carville

James Carville

James Carville is an “ally of President Obama,” but he is learning the hard way who this man is that he helped into the White House.

Carville is an expert on politics. When talking about the BP desaster, he says the “political stupidity of this is unbelievable.” And he goes on to say the Obama needed to send somebody down to New Orleans and take control of the situation. But, so far President Obama has failed to do so.

Could Obama’s lack of response have anything to do with the campaign contributions he received from BP (click here)? Or was he worried about missing a tee time?

Well, here’s more change, where’s the hope? Please reply to our blog and show us some signs of hope.

James Carville is getting what he voted for…

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Does Obama have anyone studying economic history?

The hope and change phoneIt seems the most powerful man in the world could come up with the resources to review history and see what has pulled our economy out of downturns in the past. But, it is obvious that Obama has not taken such a step.

The administration’s stimulus program has failed. Growth is slow and unemployment remains high. The president, his friends and advisers talk endlessly about the circumstances they inherited as a way of avoiding responsibility for the 18 months for which they are responsible.

But they want new stimulus measures—which is convincing evidence that they too recognize that the earlier measures failed. And so the U.S. was odd-man out at the G-20 meeting over the weekend, continuing to call for more government spending in the face of European resistance.

The contrast with President Reagan’s antirecession and pro-growth measures in 1981 is striking. Reagan reduced marginal and corporate tax rates and slowed the growth of nondefense spending. Recovery began about a year later. After 18 months, the economy grew more than 9% and it continued to expand above trend rates.

Two overarching reasons explain the failure of Obamanomics. First, administration economists and their outside supporters neglected the longer-term costs and consequences of their actions. Second, the administration and Congress have through their deeds and words heightened uncertainty about the economic future. High uncertainty is the enemy of investment and growth.

Most of the earlier spending was a very short-term response to long-term problems. One piece financed temporary tax cuts. This was a mistake, and ignores the role of expectations in the economy. Economic theory predicts that temporary tax cuts have little effect on spending. Unless tax cuts are expected to last, consumers save the proceeds and pay down debt. Experience with past temporary tax reductions, as in the Carter and first Bush presidencies, confirms this outcome. – Allan Meltzer – Wall Street Journal – June 30, 2010

Obama’s first stimulus package failed. If it hadn’t, then he would not be seeking more stimulus measures. So it seems someone in the administration would borrow a play from a previous game plan that has worked in the past.

Uncertainty Halts Investment

“Temporary” doesn’t build confidence in anything. Investors need a reason to invest. And they don’t invest for the short term. They need assurance that they can invest money, balance risk and return, and get to keep a major portion of what they earn. And they need that assurance over an extended period of time.

A Challenge to Obama Supporters:

If you had $1 billion, how would you invest it? What kind of return would you expect to get?

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Obama’s Lack Of Leadership Experience Is Showing

Barack Obama’s lacking in leadership capabilities continues to present itself. Concerning the BP oil spill in his June 15, 2010 oval office address, Obama states: “But the one approach I will not accept is inaction.” But Obama’s inaction is what stands out in the time it took him to approach BP about the oil spill problem. But, there may be a reason for that delay. BP gave $3.5 million to federal candidates with “the largest chunk of their money going to Obama.” (Click here for our May 6th blog on that issue).

Our nation needs a president who is a true leader. And a true leader would have contacted Tony Hayward, BPs CEO, early in the crisis and learned what actions were being taken. A true leader would have spoken to the CEO directly during the meeting at the White House. A true leader would keep in contact with him on a daily basis.

“Obama met for 20 minutes with the group of BP executives, then individually in the Oval Office for another 25 minutes with Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg… BP CEO Tony Hayward did not have any direct one-on-one contact with President Obama during Wednesday’s White House meeting.” –CNN.

Our president doesn’t know difference between the roll of the board chairman vs. that of the CEO. It’s doubtful that Obama and his staff learned all that they needed to from the BP staff in the 45 minutes of contact time they had with them. And it is probably a safe bet that the administration did most of the talking during the meeting. In which case, they probably didn’t learn anything. This is eerily familiar to the lack of contact Obama has had with our military leadership overseas.

God forbid we interrupt his golf game.

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While the Obama administration managed to get a $20 billion commitment out of BP to cover spill victims wages and clean up costs, they didn’t think it was enough. They wanted BP to pay the cost of Obama’s drilling moratorium.

BP successfully argued it shouldn’t be liable for most of the broader economic distress caused by the president’s six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. And it fended off demands to pay for restoration of the Gulf coast beyond its prespill conditions. – Wall Street Journal

Just another classic example of Obama trying to pass the buck.

Make Obama Follow His Own Rules

If BP should be required “to pay for restoration of the gulf coast beyond prespill conditions,” then Obama should be required to pay for the restoration of the economy beyond pre-Obama conditions. His threats of higher taxes and government handouts caused businesses to circle their wagons so they could wait and see what to do next. And that brought our economy to the greatest slow down since the Great Depression.

The cost of the damage Obama has caused to the US economy is many times the cost of the damages caused by BP.

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“And so he bowed.”

That is the opening line of Andrew C. McCarthy’s book The Grand Jihad – How Islam and The Left Sabotage America. Reading the first two chapters this book has already scared the hell out of me. Excerpts from the first three pages:

The 44th President of the United States of America bowed deeply, reverentially, before King Abdullah bin Abdul Azziz, Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, the absolute monarch of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…

…In his first days in office, the new president expelled from the White House a bronze bust of Winston Churchill, lent to the United States by the former Prime Minister Tony Blair…Curtly, Obama staffers told them there was no room in the White House’s 55,000 square feet for it…

…And what would a new president – veteran of less than four years in the Senate (most of which were spent campaigning for higher office) – give Elizabeth II, queen for over a half-century of the United Kingdom and what are now fifteen sovereign states? Why, an IPod loaded with recordings of some of Obama’s favorite speaches…by Obama, of course.

It was different – very different – with Abdullah

Barack Obama’s respect does not go out to the leaders of the free world. It goes to the leaders of some of the most restrictive monarchies in the world.

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