The Boy Scouts Booed The US President At The National Jamboree

Something is bad wrong. The question is this: Is it there a problem with our Boy Scouts or a problem with our president? One of the voices you hear in the background says, “I can’t believe I wanted this guy to be president.”

Hope And Change

The public is losing sight of “Hope and Change” with good reason. The real employment rate is reaching Depression era levels. Key White House staff is leaving the Obama administration in large numbers. In the middle of all of this our vacationing president is taking vacations “to stimulate the economy.” And now the lack of respect for the president is making itself known in organizations like the Boy Scouts.

CNN Video On The Story

Even CNN couldn’t cover this one up. Here is a link to their YouTube video that I was able to view on 8-11-2010. They turned off the ability to embed this video on your site. I wonder if they remove this at some point in the future from the 19,184 videos they currently have on YouTube. Click on this to see the video on YouTube:

Obama Booed By Boy Scouts

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  • Maryann Miles:

    It’s “losing”, not “loosing”. (See: Hope and Change section)
    Please proofread before posting!

    On a better note, this is a fantastic site!!!

  • admin:

    Many thanks for the correction Maryann. I’ll try not to make that mistake again.

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