2008 Campaign Ad for Hope and Change:

You are seeing the change you voted for. Here’s the change you were promised:

Barack Obama’s hope and change is delivering on the change, but brings with it very little hope. He rhetoric alone has done incredible damage to our economy. Threats of higher taxes and tighter restrictions have crippled economic growth. Investors are sitting on piles of cash waiting to invest it in plant and equipment. The questions are: “Where will they invest it?” and “When will they invest it?” Our economy needs them to invest it in the US and we need them to invest it now. Scary parallels are being drawn between Presidential decisions made today and those made prior to the Great Depression.

I’ve provided a link to Donald Luskin’s article below. I strongly encourage you to read it.

We’re repeating some of the same mistakes right now, even as fears of a “double dip” recession mount. – Donald Luskin, Wall Street Journal

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  • “Hope and Change” to Obama that means he Hopes he does not get caught, while Changing hundreds of millions from The Trasury into his bank account, Tax Free, Tax Payer money.

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