“Obama The Great?”

Barack Obama - Home and ChangeThat’s the headline of the Wall Street Journal article that questions the Siena College poll of 238 “presidential scholars.”

Barack Obama had barely settled in office when he won a Nobel Peace Prize. Though he’s been in the job fewer than 18 months, liberal scholars are already rating him one of our better presidents, finishing ahead of even Ronald Reagan on 20 attributes ranging from legislative accomplishments to integrity. – WSJ

The liberals were snowed by Obama’s Hope and Change promises from the start. And many have yet to wake up.When a poll is given to a group with more balanced ideologue the answers are very different.

The Journal’s survey polled an ideologically balanced group of 85 historians, political scientists, law professors and economists, whose range of political views was similar to that of Americans as a whole. The results? Three presidents were ranked as “great”: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. Eight presidents were ranked “near great,” including Ronald Reagan, who finished eighth. John F. Kennedy was ranked 18th and Lyndon Johnson was ranked 17th, and those were the only high points for recent presidents.

Obviously, the 2005 Journal survey didn’t rate Mr. Obama. But given the direction of the economy since he took office, a conspicuous absence of foreign policy successes and his falling public approval ratings, it’s doubtful that his preliminary grade among Journal scholars would be nearly as high as the respondents in the Siena poll. – WSJ

The majority of the United States population is beginning to wake up. Quality of life is improving for very few people as a lot of promises are failing to be met.

2008 Campaign Ad:

“In twenty years of public service I have brought Democrats and Republicans together to solve the problems that touch the lives of everyday people. I’ve taken on the drug and insurance companies and won! I defy the politics of the moment and opposed the war in Iraq before it began.”

Changes so far…

It is now 2010. What changes has Barack Obama made so far? How are they impacting you?

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