Hope and Change Should Include Private Sector Jobs

Paying people to do nothing will not work forever. Eventually we run out of goods and services. Our economy must have jobs. It must produce. And if we want to remain a free nation, then those jobs must come from the private sector.

Extending Unemployment Benefits Will Not Work

We must give people the incentive to work. Otherwise, people will not work. Individuals are electing to take unemployment benefits vs. taking jobs.

Management Recruiters of Sacramento, Calif., says it recently had a tough time filling six engineering positions at an Oregon manufacturer paying $60,000 a year—and suspects long-term jobless benefits were part of the hitch.

“We called several engineers that were unemployed,” says Karl Dinse, a managing partner at the recruiting firm. “They said, nah, you know, if it were paying $80,000 I’d think about it.” Some candidates suggested he call them back when their benefits were scheduled to run out, he says. – Wall Street Journal 7-7-10

Businesses Need Incentive To Create Jobs

Business has over $2 trillion available to invest ( WSJ Video: Long Recession Ignites Debate on Jobless Benefits).   The questions is “Why aren’t they investing it?” Answer: They don’t know what will happen to their profits. Threats of taking money from successful businesses and investors have been made by Barack Obama since he started his campaign prior to the 2008 election.

National Leaders Must Promote Business

Obama and his followers must promote growth in the economy. That requires the growth of business. That requires an incentive for businesses to invest their money. We will not get businesses to invest their $2 trillion until they are assured that they will get a return on that investment. That will come when they are assured that their profits will not be taken by the US government. The real question is “Can this happen under President Barack Obama?”

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