Obama’s Lack Of Leadership Experience Is Showing

Barack Obama’s lacking in leadership capabilities continues to present itself. Concerning the BP oil spill in his June 15, 2010 oval office address, Obama states: “But the one approach I will not accept is inaction.” But Obama’s inaction is what stands out in the time it took him to approach BP about the oil spill problem. But, there may be a reason for that delay. BP gave $3.5 million to federal candidates with “the largest chunk of their money going to Obama.” (Click here for our May 6th blog on that issue).

Our nation needs a president who is a true leader. And a true leader would have contacted Tony Hayward, BPs CEO, early in the crisis and learned what actions were being taken. A true leader would have spoken to the CEO directly during the meeting at the White House. A true leader would keep in contact with him on a daily basis.

“Obama met for 20 minutes with the group of BP executives, then individually in the Oval Office for another 25 minutes with Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg… BP CEO Tony Hayward did not have any direct one-on-one contact with President Obama during Wednesday’s White House meeting.” –CNN.

Our president doesn’t know difference between the roll of the board chairman vs. that of the CEO. It’s doubtful that Obama and his staff learned all that they needed to from the BP staff in the 45 minutes of contact time they had with them. And it is probably a safe bet that the administration did most of the talking during the meeting. In which case, they probably didn’t learn anything. This is eerily familiar to the lack of contact Obama has had with our military leadership overseas.

God forbid we interrupt his golf game.

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