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Obama the SaintConnections to corrupt bankers revealed in Wall Street Journal. Did you hear about this from your press sources?

Who is Alexi Giannoulias?

On August 5th, Obama is going to Chicago to campaign for Alexi Giannoulias. A fine upstanding 34-year-old running for a US Senate seat. Right? Hardly!

Giannoulias is the “…Illinois state treasurer and heir to a family bank that was seized this spring by the feds.” – WSJ 7-22-2010. He met Obama and supported him through his 2004 Senate Victory. Giannoulias has some other problems. When Giannoulias was senior loan office at Broadway Bank money was disbursed to Michael “Jaws” Giorango, a convicted bookmaker. And Giannoulias has received criticism for mismanaging the state’s college savings program.

The seat is currently occupied by Ronald Burris who’s ethics have been brought into question. He was appointed by former Gov. Rod Balgojevich, who is currently in the middle of his corruption trial.

So if Obama is going to campaign for a banker to fill this closely watched Senate seat in his home state then you would think it would be for someone who has shown good banking ethics. So why is he backing Giannoulias:

The president got his reward when Mr. Giannoulias leveraged his new political clout to raise funds for the Obama presidential campaign. Mr. Obama would also take donations from Giannoulias family members and at least one Broadway Bank manager. A few local papers noted the gap between Mr. Obama’s new-politics rhetoric and his old-politics Giannoulias ties, but most media ignored it. – Wall Street Journal

An Act Of Despiration

In late 2008 Obama began to recognize the problems that could be caused by Giannoulias. He tried to get the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, to run for the open Senate seat. She declined. Obama has not been able to find anyone better suited for the position.

The Democrats could loose their Senate  majority. An Obama could loose more clout. Illinois Democrats have shown their aggravation by not donating money to the Giannoulias campaign. He raised $900,000 in the second quarter vs. $2.3 million raised by his opponent.

So our President who is saving us from corrupt banking is going to campaign for a corrupt banker.

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Obama hoping for changeFor anyone who has any question as to the racial attitude of President Barack Obama, they just need to read his books.

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming The American Dream was published in October of 2006. In it he states: “I can’t help but view the American experience through the lens of a black man of mixed heritage, forever mindful of how generations of people who looked like me were subjugated and stigmatized.”

Dreams from My Father : A Story of Race and Inheritance was published in January of 2007. From the annotation: “Obama, the son of a white American mother and a black African father, writes an elegant and compelling biography that powerfully articulates America’s racial battleground and tells of his search for his place in black America.”

Writing Books or Working For The People?

These books were written while he was serving as a US Senator. Where was he focused? Was he interested in working as a Senator or writing books about racism in America?

I suspect that some readers may find my presentation of these issues to be insufficiently balanced. To this accusation, I stand guilty as charged. I am a Democrat, after all; my views on most topics correspond more closely to the editorial pages of the New York Times than those of the Wall Street Journal. I am angry about policies that consistently favor the wealthy and powerful over average Americans, and insist that government has an important role in opening up opportunity to all. I believe in evolution, scientific inquiry, and global warming; I believe in free speech, whether politically correct or politically incorrect, and I am suspicious of using government to impose anybody’s religious beliefs–including my own–on nonbelievers. Furthermore, I am a prisoner of my own biography: I can’t help but view the American experience through the lens of a black man of mixed heritage, forever mindful of how generations of people who looked like me were subjugated and stigmatized, and the subtle and not so subtle ways that race and class continue to shape our lives.” – from the prologue of The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming The American Dream

A man who expels the portrait of Winston Churchill from the White House and calls off prosecution of racists who hindered voters in the 2008 election is not your typical American.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

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James Carville is getting what he voted for.

James Carville

James Carville

James Carville is an “ally of President Obama,” but he is learning the hard way who this man is that he helped into the White House.

Carville is an expert on politics. When talking about the BP desaster, he says the “political stupidity of this is unbelievable.” And he goes on to say the Obama needed to send somebody down to New Orleans and take control of the situation. But, so far President Obama has failed to do so.

Could Obama’s lack of response have anything to do with the campaign contributions he received from BP (click here)? Or was he worried about missing a tee time?

Well, here’s more change, where’s the hope? Please reply to our blog and show us some signs of hope.

James Carville is getting what he voted for…

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Hope and ChangePromises, promises…

Hope and Change

Barack Obama has definitely delivered on one of his campaign slogan promises. He’s delivered on the promise of change. What he has failed to deliver on is the promise of hope. Where’s the hope for jobs, the hope for the economy, the hope for the American worker?

He boasted of his abilities to lead with statements like: “In twenty years of public service I have brought Democrats and Republicans together to solve the problems that touch the lives of everyday people.” But today we find ourselves asking where is this great leadership ability.

2008 Campaign Ad:

Changes so far…

It is now 2010. What changes has Barack Obama made so far? How are they impacting you?

One mission of this blog is to generate some much needed hope. We hope you will contribute!

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“Obama The Great?”

Barack Obama - Home and ChangeThat’s the headline of the Wall Street Journal article that questions the Siena College poll of 238 “presidential scholars.”

Barack Obama had barely settled in office when he won a Nobel Peace Prize. Though he’s been in the job fewer than 18 months, liberal scholars are already rating him one of our better presidents, finishing ahead of even Ronald Reagan on 20 attributes ranging from legislative accomplishments to integrity. – WSJ

The liberals were snowed by Obama’s Hope and Change promises from the start. And many have yet to wake up.When a poll is given to a group with more balanced ideologue the answers are very different.

The Journal’s survey polled an ideologically balanced group of 85 historians, political scientists, law professors and economists, whose range of political views was similar to that of Americans as a whole. The results? Three presidents were ranked as “great”: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. Eight presidents were ranked “near great,” including Ronald Reagan, who finished eighth. John F. Kennedy was ranked 18th and Lyndon Johnson was ranked 17th, and those were the only high points for recent presidents.

Obviously, the 2005 Journal survey didn’t rate Mr. Obama. But given the direction of the economy since he took office, a conspicuous absence of foreign policy successes and his falling public approval ratings, it’s doubtful that his preliminary grade among Journal scholars would be nearly as high as the respondents in the Siena poll. – WSJ

The majority of the United States population is beginning to wake up. Quality of life is improving for very few people as a lot of promises are failing to be met.

2008 Campaign Ad:

“In twenty years of public service I have brought Democrats and Republicans together to solve the problems that touch the lives of everyday people. I’ve taken on the drug and insurance companies and won! I defy the politics of the moment and opposed the war in Iraq before it began.”

Changes so far…

It is now 2010. What changes has Barack Obama made so far? How are they impacting you?

One mission of this blog is to generate some much needed hope. We hope you will contribute!

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Does Obama have anyone studying economic history?

The hope and change phoneIt seems the most powerful man in the world could come up with the resources to review history and see what has pulled our economy out of downturns in the past. But, it is obvious that Obama has not taken such a step.

The administration’s stimulus program has failed. Growth is slow and unemployment remains high. The president, his friends and advisers talk endlessly about the circumstances they inherited as a way of avoiding responsibility for the 18 months for which they are responsible.

But they want new stimulus measures—which is convincing evidence that they too recognize that the earlier measures failed. And so the U.S. was odd-man out at the G-20 meeting over the weekend, continuing to call for more government spending in the face of European resistance.

The contrast with President Reagan’s antirecession and pro-growth measures in 1981 is striking. Reagan reduced marginal and corporate tax rates and slowed the growth of nondefense spending. Recovery began about a year later. After 18 months, the economy grew more than 9% and it continued to expand above trend rates.

Two overarching reasons explain the failure of Obamanomics. First, administration economists and their outside supporters neglected the longer-term costs and consequences of their actions. Second, the administration and Congress have through their deeds and words heightened uncertainty about the economic future. High uncertainty is the enemy of investment and growth.

Most of the earlier spending was a very short-term response to long-term problems. One piece financed temporary tax cuts. This was a mistake, and ignores the role of expectations in the economy. Economic theory predicts that temporary tax cuts have little effect on spending. Unless tax cuts are expected to last, consumers save the proceeds and pay down debt. Experience with past temporary tax reductions, as in the Carter and first Bush presidencies, confirms this outcome. – Allan Meltzer – Wall Street Journal – June 30, 2010

Obama’s first stimulus package failed. If it hadn’t, then he would not be seeking more stimulus measures. So it seems someone in the administration would borrow a play from a previous game plan that has worked in the past.

Uncertainty Halts Investment

“Temporary” doesn’t build confidence in anything. Investors need a reason to invest. And they don’t invest for the short term. They need assurance that they can invest money, balance risk and return, and get to keep a major portion of what they earn. And they need that assurance over an extended period of time.

A Challenge to Obama Supporters:

If you had $1 billion, how would you invest it? What kind of return would you expect to get?

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Hope and Change Should Include Private Sector Jobs

Paying people to do nothing will not work forever. Eventually we run out of goods and services. Our economy must have jobs. It must produce. And if we want to remain a free nation, then those jobs must come from the private sector.

Extending Unemployment Benefits Will Not Work

We must give people the incentive to work. Otherwise, people will not work. Individuals are electing to take unemployment benefits vs. taking jobs.

Management Recruiters of Sacramento, Calif., says it recently had a tough time filling six engineering positions at an Oregon manufacturer paying $60,000 a year—and suspects long-term jobless benefits were part of the hitch.

“We called several engineers that were unemployed,” says Karl Dinse, a managing partner at the recruiting firm. “They said, nah, you know, if it were paying $80,000 I’d think about it.” Some candidates suggested he call them back when their benefits were scheduled to run out, he says. – Wall Street Journal 7-7-10

Businesses Need Incentive To Create Jobs

Business has over $2 trillion available to invest ( WSJ Video: Long Recession Ignites Debate on Jobless Benefits).   The questions is “Why aren’t they investing it?” Answer: They don’t know what will happen to their profits. Threats of taking money from successful businesses and investors have been made by Barack Obama since he started his campaign prior to the 2008 election.

National Leaders Must Promote Business

Obama and his followers must promote growth in the economy. That requires the growth of business. That requires an incentive for businesses to invest their money. We will not get businesses to invest their $2 trillion until they are assured that they will get a return on that investment. That will come when they are assured that their profits will not be taken by the US government. The real question is “Can this happen under President Barack Obama?”

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Obama’s Lack Of Leadership Experience Is Showing

Barack Obama’s lacking in leadership capabilities continues to present itself. Concerning the BP oil spill in his June 15, 2010 oval office address, Obama states: “But the one approach I will not accept is inaction.” But Obama’s inaction is what stands out in the time it took him to approach BP about the oil spill problem. But, there may be a reason for that delay. BP gave $3.5 million to federal candidates with “the largest chunk of their money going to Obama.” (Click here for our May 6th blog on that issue).

Our nation needs a president who is a true leader. And a true leader would have contacted Tony Hayward, BPs CEO, early in the crisis and learned what actions were being taken. A true leader would have spoken to the CEO directly during the meeting at the White House. A true leader would keep in contact with him on a daily basis.

“Obama met for 20 minutes with the group of BP executives, then individually in the Oval Office for another 25 minutes with Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg… BP CEO Tony Hayward did not have any direct one-on-one contact with President Obama during Wednesday’s White House meeting.” –CNN.

Our president doesn’t know difference between the roll of the board chairman vs. that of the CEO. It’s doubtful that Obama and his staff learned all that they needed to from the BP staff in the 45 minutes of contact time they had with them. And it is probably a safe bet that the administration did most of the talking during the meeting. In which case, they probably didn’t learn anything. This is eerily familiar to the lack of contact Obama has had with our military leadership overseas.

God forbid we interrupt his golf game.

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