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While the Obama administration managed to get a $20 billion commitment out of BP to cover spill victims wages and clean up costs, they didn’t think it was enough. They wanted BP to pay the cost of Obama’s drilling moratorium.

BP successfully argued it shouldn’t be liable for most of the broader economic distress caused by the president’s six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. And it fended off demands to pay for restoration of the Gulf coast beyond its prespill conditions. – Wall Street Journal

Just another classic example of Obama trying to pass the buck.

Make Obama Follow His Own Rules

If BP should be required “to pay for restoration of the gulf coast beyond prespill conditions,” then Obama should be required to pay for the restoration of the economy beyond pre-Obama conditions. His threats of higher taxes and government handouts caused businesses to circle their wagons so they could wait and see what to do next. And that brought our economy to the greatest slow down since the Great Depression.

The cost of the damage Obama has caused to the US economy is many times the cost of the damages caused by BP.

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Would You Hire This Man To Run Your Company?

Obama hoping for changeBarack Obama’s resume can be viewed at Take a look at it. An objective look. Take out all of the hog wash elements like “spearheaded,” “co-sponsored,” “first to recognize”, “facilitated,” “championed and supported”. What does that leave you with? Very little.

Huck Huckabee’s Challenge To Obama Supporters

Take the resume above, the information available from Wikipedia, or any other credible source and create a resume that would entice a board of directors of a major business or organization to hire this man as it’s CEO. Many of us would like to see it.

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“And so he bowed.”

That is the opening line of Andrew C. McCarthy’s book The Grand Jihad – How Islam and The Left Sabotage America. Reading the first two chapters this book has already scared the hell out of me. Excerpts from the first three pages:

The 44th President of the United States of America bowed deeply, reverentially, before King Abdullah bin Abdul Azziz, Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, the absolute monarch of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…

…In his first days in office, the new president expelled from the White House a bronze bust of Winston Churchill, lent to the United States by the former Prime Minister Tony Blair…Curtly, Obama staffers told them there was no room in the White House’s 55,000 square feet for it…

…And what would a new president – veteran of less than four years in the Senate (most of which were spent campaigning for higher office) – give Elizabeth II, queen for over a half-century of the United Kingdom and what are now fifteen sovereign states? Why, an IPod loaded with recordings of some of Obama’s favorite speaches…by Obama, of course.

It was different – very different – with Abdullah

Barack Obama’s respect does not go out to the leaders of the free world. It goes to the leaders of some of the most restrictive monarchies in the world.

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